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truck equipment post trucks ads classifieds...The International is sold... The Powerscreen is sold... The Volvo is sold...
-March 2020

I had a buyer within days of the ad being published. Thank you for providing a great product! - Feb. 2018

The truck was sold 5 minutes after it went online!! Thank you.
- June 2017

It works great for us for years, try it, you won’t be disappointed.
– Donny P. – Salisbury MA, Jan. 2018

Thank you - sold truck to first person who saw it!!!!! Will recommend your mag to everyone. - July 2016

Question: Would you like to renew your ad?
Answer: We will not need a renewal. First caller bought the truck. We had 71 calls on this vehicle. We will be using you guys again. Thanks. - February 2016

I have been a subscriber for a number of years and enjoy reading your publication, as does my 9 year old son who usually has it open and read before I get home from work. I have purchased a couple trucks from Colonial Ford after finding them in your paper. Thanks again. - September 2015

I love your magazine. You are a great resource. - June 2015

Hi - We just sold the '99 Peterbilt due to our ad in your paper. Thank you so much. The buyer said the trailer caught his eye and would not have called on the truck had the trailer not been attached. He is buying both truck and trailer. I wasn't advertising the trailer. This makes me think I should always have a good trailer hooked to the tractor whenever we are selling a truck. We will definitely use your paper again!! Thank you again. - May 2014

We do not need to renew the ad! We sold the crusher to a company in Maine from your ad! Thanks, - May 2014

I won't be renewing my ad due to me selling my backhoe last week. thank you for the great advertisement of your magazine. it's great, I will be contacting you soon with a new ad. again thanks for everything. talk to you soon! - March 2014

When asked if they would like to renew their ad, customer replied that he "...Sold everything. Plus he received more calls for the tank after he sold it so he steered a caller to his friend who was also selling a tank, and that was sold too. He is submitting another ad next week..." - July 2013

"I would not like to renew my ad because my truck sold the second day the issue came out. I only wish I put it in your magazine sooner. I will recommend it to anyone I come across, and friends and family. Your book was the best. Thank you and I'll be in touch before winter cause I have a sander to sell too." - June 2013

"Sold first issue - great job!! Thanks" - May 2013

"Thank you. Had success selling both trucks through your ad. It took the second issue. Will recommend it to anyone trying to sell. Thanks" - April 2013

"Thank you for your service, I sold my truck thanks to you folks. Well done!" - Jan. 2013

"Both machines sold... love your book... it works everytime... thanks" - Dec. 2012

"Thank-you very much. our skidsteer sold on the first run! Great job to your publication!!" -Oct. 2012

"Having good luck with your book, People are calling like crazy” - Oct. 2012

truck and equipment post magazine consumer reviews testimonial customer ad advertising testimonialsCustomer Letter from June 7, 2012 -
"Advertising is very beneficial when prepared and implemented correctly. Well, your company has provided us with a great service and I can not rave enough about the gentleman that does our ads. We know him as Ranger Rick. He has brought a breath of fresh air to our ads and I have been told by many readers that they look forward to each and every new issue because of his creativity and humor.

Just wanted to take time to tell you how grateful we are to have this publication but to also make you aware of the fantastic job Ranger Rick accomplishes. Ranger always goes above and beyond to create new ways to get our product out to the public. He is always on time and when we are unprepared he is very laid back and patient and never tries to rush us so he can get to his next client.

I look foward to many more years of service with The Truck and Equipment Post and Ranger Rick.

Thank you - - Debra Bissonnette, - The Foot & Sons


"Thanks.... I have sold this truck.... Your publication worked...thank you for your service and professionalism."
Triple D Arborists and Landscape Management, East Bridgewater, MA

"The ad makes the phone ring. A worthy investment.. "
Jay, owner of J.T.Equipment

"I received a phone call this morning regarding the 14' Tradesmaster that's in my current ad.
From Wisconsin. When I told the caller that we are in Massachusetts only 15 minutes from the Providence airport he stayed interested... Great Testimonial."
- Bruce Corwin, Cerrone Truck Sales, Attleboro, MA

"It works. I sold 4 machines in just 2 weeks. Wow!"
- Benco Equipment, Foxboro, MA

"I'm getting twice as many calls from the Truck and Equipment Post as I got from another publication's full page ad."
- Bob Cerito, Owner of A New England Auto & Truck Superstore, Suffield, CT

"I want to tell you, Ranger, we're all very impressed. Your book is working very well for us. Good job!"
- Pat Ford, Commercial Truck Manager, Jack Madden Ford, Norwood, MA

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